Easy chocolate ball (or rum balls for the adults)

Chocolate balls or Rum Balls

Chocolate balls or Rum Balls

This is one of my Xmas holiday favourite. So easy to make and a great one for the kiddies to do.

1 packet of arrowroot biscuits
1 tin of condense milk
1 good heap table spoon cocoa
1/2 cup of coconut + extra for rolling
1/2 cup sultanas

Crush biscuits to fine bread crumbs, add coconut, sultanas and cocoa and mix.
Add in condense milk and mix well, if too dry add a touch of water( you do not want it sloppy, just wet.
Roll into ball and roll in extra coconut, you can roll in choc sprinkles as well.

I store mine in the freezer (if they last to make it to  the freezer) and leave out for 10mins to soften.

* for the adult version you can add 2 good table spoons of rum in with the condense milk, or soak the sultanas for 30mins .
*Can also use small choc chips instead of the sultanas.