Burp cloths

Well i have been very busy of late. I have added some burp cloths to my range.

I have designed and hand made these, i am very proud of my self.

After having Andy (my second son) i was wanting something that i could take with me when i was out,(lets face it taking a terry toweling nappy is not convenient ).

The toweling nappies are great to use at home but when it comes to going out sonewhere, it takes up so much room in my nappy/hand bag. Then i got thinking……,  i love the terry toweling part but wanted some colour as well. Hence we have the range of burp cloths.

I have no idea where i found the time, between a 3 1/2 year old and a 3 month old, one would think i have my hands full. But at the end of the night i like to wind down and do something for myself.

I hope you enjoy my new Burp Cloth range as much as i do.